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Top 5 luxury and cheapest AirBnB in France for Budget Travelers

Yes, Western Europe is pricey for so many things and if money is spent on things without any planning then it will create panic circumstances for you in an unknown city. That's why, I have created a list of top 5 cheapest AirBnB in France for your stay. So money

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Hey, I'm Bharat and clown on a holiday is my creation to document my travel journey. This blog is a medium to preserve my memories and to share it with everyone. What's the point of seeing places on internet if you cannot experience it. That is why I am on a mission to take me far and see the amazing world and experience it. If using right tools, traveling can be very cheap and will take you to see the wonders of the world. In addition, you can set your destinations and see the cultures, explore the places and eat the food at your own pace.

I am not a full time traveler yet and always come back to my home country India after every trip. I never travel solo as I don't need to and don't want to. So I am always on road with a friend and it could be my family, friends or any like-minded person. I know for sure that this blog will inspire so many people in my life or people who I haven't met yet. This could help them to step out of their comfort zone and plan something for themselves.