November 2, 2019

Amazing 4 best places to visit in Vietnam for a fun vacation



Yes, its true when it comes to flight booking we think about Thailand or Maldives first but we always forget that there is a country in south east Asia that offers much more than party hubs of Thailand. Yes, I am talking about Vietnam - a paradise on earth. However, when it comes to Vietnam we always think about its famous war. I used to think about the same but everything changed when I visited this lovely paradise on earth. From pristine beaches to UNESCO world heritage sites, there is so much to see here or in other words, It is a complete gem.  

Vietnam is enriched in culture and history with its mouthwatering food everywhere. And If I talk about the places, they are abundant and to see all you need minimum 3 weeks. In addition, everything is cheap here with good standards around the city. Though, this 1 page article is not enough to articulate my thoughts about Vietnam. However, I can give you a little bit brief about its places before you book your flights. I would suggest everyone to visit Vietnam above all other places before it gets too touristy and expensive to reach out.

Beautiful Bay Side Vietnam View

North Vietnam

1. Hanoi, Vietnam: Vietnam is almost like a shape of a long tail. Therefore, you can start either from North part or south part of Vietnam without missing anything.  In northern Vietnam, you can visit Hanoi - capital of Vietnam and further can be clubbed with Halong Bay - UNESCO World Heritage Site. Hanoi is the traditional city of Vietnam. It is not only scenic with its rustic charms of architectural complexes but also offers delicious food. Come here and visit, Hanoi Old quarter, West lake, European structured buildings and in addition, if you like coffee then must try their famous Egg coffee and coconut coffee.  

Vendor selling fruits in rain, Hanoi Streets

2. Halong Bay: It is 3 hours drive from Hanoi in north east part of Vietnam. It is famous for its emerald waters and thousands of towering limestone islands. Visitors come here to enjoy the beauty of the bay by booking a cruise tour along the Halong bay.  Region is famous for junk boat tours, sea kayaking, scuba diving and cave tours. Adjacent to it is Cat Ba island famous for its national park and Lan ha bay tour.

Limestone towering islands in Halong Bay

Ha Long bay

Central Vietnam

3. Hoi an, Da Nang and Hui : All three places are in central Vietnam and all show the true Vietnamese culture. It is a well preserved ancient town with a mix of eras and styles of Chinese shops and colorful french colonial buildings. In the night, place shines with beautiful paper lanterns everywhere on streets. Visit these places for its riverside views, beaches, scenic places, golden gate bridge and world longest cable car ride.

Street view with Colorful Lanterns

Street view with Colorful Lanterns

Ba Na Village

South Vietnam

Ho Chi Minh City ot Saigon: It is the financial hub of Vietnam or in other words, economic heart of Saigon. People come here for parties, nightlife, amazing food tours, Mekong delta tours and cu chi tunnel tours.  

Ancient European Architecture


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