November 12, 2019

[AIR ASIA OFFER] Visakhapatnam to Malaysia under 3500 Rs

About Malaysia

Cheap Non-stop flights from Visakhapatnam,India to Kuala Lumpur for only 3500 RS for the below dates. (LIMITED SEATS) 

DEPART: Visakhapatnam, India

ARRIVE: Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

RETURN: One Way Flight only

DATES: 30th Nov

               12th Dec

               2nd Feb

               11th Feb

               13th Feb

               16th Feb

               18th Feb

               20th Feb

               22nd Feb

               23rd Feb

               25th Feb ( 3000 Rs)

               29th Feb

               01st Mar

               01st Mar

03rd Mar

07th Mar

10th Mar

12th Mar

14th Mar

15th Mar

24th Mar

26th Mar

28th Mar

05th Apr

09th Apr

12th Apr


AIRLINES: Air Asia Airlines (LINK)

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