October 5, 2019

Colorful Little India – Singapore


Little India during Diwali Festival

I visited Little India during an Indian festival time called Diwali and the view was beautiful. And coming from a different country (I hope not India), having a cultural shock would bring a kick-start in your trip.There were bright lights everywhere on the streets and the whole street was flooded with big gateways, all decorated with sparkling lights. The whole atmosphere felt like I was in India that time.

colorful houses on the streets of Little india

Beautiful colorful houses on the streets of Little India, Singapore

How To Reach: 

1. By Taxi: Approximate distance from Changi Airport to Little India is 16 Kms that could cost around 1500 Rs / 28 SGD by taxi. Grab/Uber is every easy to hire in singapore and from my experience it is every cost effective if you are travelling in a group of 3-4 people with luggage. 

2. MRT (Mass Rapid transit):If you are into cost cutting it is the cheapest option  available other than walking 😏😏. Just go to Changi Airport CG2 MRT on the basement of terminal 2 and take East west line to EXPO station, from there you need to change to Downtown line to Little India. Total time taken would be 1 hr. Standard ticket price is 2.4 SGD

For convenience, I have added a link below to calculate fare between MRT stations. It also provides you directions and number of stops encountered during the journey. 


3. Airport Shuttle: if you are solo traveling you can use shared vans that you can hire from airport for 9 SGD for each person. It is best to hire if you are traveling with a light luggage as It will be on shared basis but will definitely drop you right at your hotel door step. If you are traveling in a group of 2 or more people better to hire a Grab or Uber. 

Image Courtesy - Klook App

You can head to any pickup counters named as "Ground Transport Concierge Boarding area" at all 4 terminals and arrange for a transfer on spot. 

You can also book the same seats online through various apps like Klook for the same amount. Good thing about this app is it gives you complete step by step procedure. After booking your seat online, you will receive a confirmation email regarding your booking. Just show the voucher at the booking center. The city shuttle departs every 15 min during peak hours and up to 30 min during off peak hours.

You can click the below KLOOK ICON to download Klook app. You will get discount of 5 SGD for first activity purchased through this app. 

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Food: Serangoon road is major road, running from Little India to Kallang. Various food outlets are situated on this road. 

"Kailash Parbat" :You can fill you tummy here with South Indian vegetarian foods like Idli sambhar, Dosas, uttapam or go for North Indian dishes like Naan, chapatis with butter chicken curries or if you just wanna go light with your tummy then go for dahi bhalla chaat and panipuris/golgappas.

South India's famous street food

Gol-gappas and Dahi Chaat 

If you are confused with North Indian and south Indian food then go to "banana leaf apolo" restaurant. A popular restaurant that serves dishes from both the regions of India. And Yes, true to its name, they serve food on banana leaves. 

Naan with various North Indian Curries

Idli - Sambhar - vada on banana leaf

Where to Buy: Don't forget to shop at Mustafa center. It is a 24 hours shopping mall. Basically it is a very big 2 lane mall, more like a street.

Grand Mustafa center entrance road

Somewhere, in Mustafa center, old and new  buildings merge into each other. I, infact lost in it looking for certain things and later I came out from other building of Mustafa which turned out to be an old Mustafa center. Here you can get almost everything on cheap or nominal prices. They have a huge collection of shoes, saris, perfumes, whole floor of jewelry section, a complete floor of chocolate/candies section. There is also a medicine section where you can buy medicines with a prescription. They have whole range of electronics gadgets and appliances. You name it and it will be here. We infact lost our baggage (which we got later :D) through one of the airlines at Singapore and we had to rush to Little India that day to buy some clothes and medicines for my diabetic mother.

There is also a full range of perfume section on ground floor at Mustafa Center. I spent my 3 hours with both hands full of different scents to search for best fragrances. Though, there could be chances that you would not find your particular brand but still options are limitless here. I literally tried 100's of perfumes that day. I also checked online about the prices too and I found these were 50% cheaper here. Duty free perfumes at Singapore airport were very costlier than perfumes sold at Mustafa center. As far as authenticity is concerned I never found them "cheap" other than "cheaper in prices". I know skin is precious and duplicate/cheap perfumes can easily damage your skin so always check before you buy anything. Singapore has some of the best controls on items in terms of import and export. Whatever you buy here at Mustafa is a real deal and cannot be fake. 

Temple: If you want to soak yourself into spirituality and  historic aesthetics of very old temple at Singapore then you can visit "Sri Veeramakaliamman" temple. This temple is filled with colorful statues of Hindu deities. It is dedicated to Hindu's ferocious Goddess Kali.

colorful Hindu temple on the streets of Little India

Sri Veeramakaliamman Temple


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