October 22, 2019

Singapore Zoo :With Night safari, River Safari, ulu ulu restaurant.



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Ulu Ulu Safari Restaurant

Night Safari Package With Klook

My Experience and what about you?

Being a regular visitor of TripAdvisor I mostly check the comments and ratings about the place before visiting it. Though I have gone out of the way also just to satisfy my curiosity but it is always a sure bet with it. There were complaints of:

long waiting lines: ​Yes, there were, but come on weekdays to avoid heavy rush of school children. Their management is very good as compared to other countries and you won't have to wait much in crowd also. 

Overall I really liked the Singapore zoo and night safari. It was a good experience for me and my family to see nature in dark which I haven't seen before. I thoroughly enjoyed all walking trails of night safari. I did not cover River Safari and Ulu ulu safari. For not covering River safari the main reason was reviews and I did not want to spend extra money for 10-15 mins ride as most of the reviews were that nothing could be seen  there other than just water and a boat.  Ulu Ulu restaurant  might  have turned out to be great but lack of time could not make it possible for us. But if you have time you can add Ulu ulu restaurant in your bucket list and enjoy the Asian buffet. otherwise, If you can spare half day then go for night safari for sure.

You can also tell me about your experience or any issues faced in Singapore in the comments down below. I would love to read everyone's opinion.  


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