January 27, 2020

Thailand Visa On Arrival Process for Indians- Documents, fees


About Thailand Visa

Thailand has always been in everyone’s bucket list because of its infamous nightlife, pristine beaches, tourist friendly open culture, street food, and Chiang Mai’s endless night market. It is a complete travel destination which offers something for all tastes. In terms of Visa procedures, Thailand has soft corner for its tourists. It always offers something which no one can resist.

Getting an Indian tourist visa for Thailand is so easy these days that without much hassle, anyone can plan a visit Thailand. Now Indian passport holders can visit Thailand for tourism purpose on visa on arrival. So if you are a citizen of India and planning for a short vacation in Thailand then you are eligible for free visa on arrival at one of the 24 designated Airports of Thailand. This kind of visa is valid for 15 days only. And one can enter Thailand 6 times in a year through visa on arrival process.

Thailand Visa on Arrival for Indians

India is listed as one of the countries to enter Thailand without requiring their citizens to obtain any visa at the Embassy. They can get the visa at any of the 24 designated international airports of Thailand. But provided they furnish the following documents for Visa on arrival in Thailand, if asked.

  • Visa is strictly for tourism purpose only. No misuse of tourist Visa for any work, job or business related activity.
  • A confirmed return ticket is required to show that they you are flying out of Thailand within 15 days of entry. Open tickets doesn’t qualify for VOA.
  • Proof of necessary funds are required at the time of entry. 10,000 THB per person or 20,000 THB per family is required.
  • Passport with a validity not less than 6 months
  • A completed visa on arrival application form. It will be available at Immigration checkpoints in Thailand.
  • A completed Visa arrival and departure card. It will be handed over to you in your flight.
  • Airline Boarding Pass.
  • One recent passport size photograph of 4 x 6 cms, not older than 6 months
  • A hotel address in Thailand.

Thailand Visa Fee for Indians

    Good News!! Thailand Visa on Arrival fee waiver was extended until 31 October,2019. Now it has been extended for another 6 months. It is free now and has been  extended till April, 2020. It means that citizens of India do no need to pay any fee for Thailand Tourist Visa.

TIP #1

   My suggestion would be to download the visa on arrival form from the official website of Immigration bureau Thailand - (Thailand visa on arrival form download) and fill everything before you land at the airport. It will save your immense amount of time at the airport.

TIP #2

   Once you receive your departure card after immigration check, make sure you keep it save somewhere as it will be required when you are getting out of Thailand. There is no PDF for Arrival and departure care available online and if you find it somewhere, do not download/fill up as every arrival and departure card are barcoded.

Travel Smart TIP #3 


  TRAVEL SMART!  Why waste time at the airport when you can get the Thailand Sim at your door step. Get Thailand SIM Card with unlimited Internet much cheaper here: 4G SIM CARD FOR THAILAND

I bought the same during my Thailand visit. Just insert it at the time of your landing and enjoy data and 100TBH talktime.



Or you can join
KLOOK for 4G sim card

This is a go-to website if you like traveling. Once you signup you will get 3.5 USD or 250 INR in your account and using that money you can book your 4G Sim card and get it at one of the Klook counters at the Thailand Airport. I generally book my sim card through Klook app if I do not get it elsewhere.



Suvarnabhumi Airport (BKK) is Thailand's main travel hub, so it is likely that your flight will land here. And from my previous experience and that of other travelers, visa on arrival process before the immigration clearance will take more than 2 hours of your time. In addition, there is always a huge rush of Indian and Chinese travellers to the airport, with flights arriving every 30 minutes. So, a fast track counter or an express visa counter gives you the option of jumping the queue for an additional fee of 200 THB. It only took me 10 minutes to get a visa before I got to the immigration counter. Please note that the express line at Suvarnabhumi Airport (BKK) will be on the left side of the entrance, and there will be a long queue of tourists on the right side, which will be a regular visa line. You need to pay cash in TBH along with other documentation on your visa at the arrival counter to get your express entry.

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